Monday, June 4, 2012

國會圖書館福州舊相片 Some Pictures of Old Fuzhou from Library of Congress

今旦有閒洽美國國會圖書館網站上使關鍵字"Foochow"去尋,討遘幾張有味其舊相片。 Did a quick search on Library of Congress' website using keyword "Foochow", found some interesting pictures.

View of the River Min at Dragon Festival (Ngô-nguŏk-cáik, 五月節), c1905. The picture was likely to be taken from Chŏng-săng (倉山) towards the north. Lots of Tanka (疍民/曲蹄) boats on the river then.

The island of Dṳ̆ng-ciŭ Dō̤ (中洲島) seen from the north (between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915). This shooting angle has probably been used by many photographers. But every time I see the old Dṳ̆ng-ciŭ Dō̤ from this angle, I'm deeply impressed by the delicacy of the architectures and depressed by the fact that the island has lost all of its original structure.

Ancestral tablets, c1905. The ancestral tablets (祖先牌位) are often placed in the main hall of a traditional residence or the living room of a modern apartment to commemorate the family's ancestors. Most tablets used by Foochow families today seem much simpler than these ones.

福州蜀隻陳姓(Dr. Ding)其教書先生透底未鉸過其指甲(1906年)。
According to the description, these are the finger nails which are never cut of Dr. Ding (probably 陳), a teacher in Foochow, China (c1906). Although I have known that the upper class women of older generations have long finger nails, but I have never seen such long nails.

夏詠美共福州女基督徒其相(1903年)。我好像洽George Ngu許塊看見過。
Photo of Emily Susan Hartwell, an American Congregational missionary in Foochow, with local Foochow women, c1903. I remember seeing this photo somewhere, probably from George Ngu's blog or Wikipedia.

Chinese musicians playing at a wedding feast in Foochow, c1905.


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