Thursday, February 25, 2010

Min River VS Hudson River

Hélas, speaking of terrain and climate, no place in the United States is similar to Fujian. I'm talking about three criteria: ocean, mountains and a warm, humid climate. Can you find such a piece of land in America? California? No, it is too dry. Georgia or Florida? No, they are too flat. You have to make a compromise, either you give up the waterfalls and seaside mountains in California and move to Florida, or you sacrifice the warm and humid days in Tampa for the landscapes in the west coast. Yes, I miss my land where mountains meet the ocean, where you discover a waterfall in surprise when exploring a valley, where the colors of green and blue dominate (Fujian has the highest forest coverage in China: 63.1%).

Interestingly, when the early american missionaries came to Fuzhou in the 19th century, they really enjoyed the landscape of the Min River(閩江) and compared it with Hudson Valley in their home state of New York, where I live at present. But to those who have read the works of these 19th century american missionaries in Fujian, I have to say: they are still different. Yes, there are some cliffs along the Hudson Valley, but in general, it is a mild valley. Even the Adirondack Mountains in the upstream area are quite different from the high, dense and green mountains along the Min River, who are rocky inside and subtropically lush on the surface. I'd say, Min and Hudson may be somewhat alike when in summer, but now in February, the Hundson River is frozen...

The second pic is from wikimedia :)


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